Ryan James Agency is pumped to work with Simple. We grew up skateboarding in the mid 90s in our Simples, and watched the brand go from a little known SoCal sneaker company to one of the largest skate brands of the 90’s. On board for creative and email marketing, RJA was able to help revive a classic brand and lean on the nostalgic Gen x’rs for social likes, shares and of course sales.

Founded in Southern California in 1991. Simple Shoes design functional, relevant products that bridge the technical and the traditional. Ryan James Agency was brought on board to help revive a classic lifestyle and skateboarding brand icon.

Shaped by surfing, skateboarding, art, a touch of modern architecture, old bicycles, classic VW buses, books and magazines.


We gave a Simple a clean, modern, product focussed look without over selling the Simple lifestyle. We knew that the brand loyalists were there and were ready for Simple, so we didn’t try to reinvent what Simple was to these loyal customers. Simple shoes were, and are simply comfortable, ready for the laid back lifestyle, on your terms.

A brand for brand loyalists
Simple shoes came to Ryan James agency with the goal of reigniting a beloved brand from the 1990’s.

Capturing the character of a nostalgic brand in todays hyperactive world, is a challenge Ryan James Agency welcomes, and overcomes.


Strategic Guidance
Strategic Creative
Photo and Video (Marketing)
Product Photography
Web Development
Email Strategies
Email Creative
Email Management
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Management (day to day + paid marketing)


Grew “nostalgia” based sales funnel
Increased Brand Awareness
Increased Revenue
Increased ROI
Increased Customer Retention