Palmer Square needed to sharpen the corners of its marketing. Ryan James Agency was brought on board to attract and keep loyal and casual shoppers, diners, chill-seekers and weekend getaway lovers. Launching a multi channel, multi faceted campaign for shopping, dining, events, quick eats, coffee shops and more, Ryan James Agency brought people to every corner of Palmer Square, upping foot traffic and in turn, revenue for all.

Marketing modern and timeless as the perfect downtown destination.

A multi-channel approach with vast pieces of creative, A/B tests, audience tests, and media spends to match our goals across all platforms have proven to be the mix that creates success. There is no set-it-and-forget-it at Ryan James Agency, and for a client like Palmer Square, we take on the set it, watch it, evaluate it, and change it mentality to ensure we’re reaching our target, and even better, engaging them. Foot traffic doesn’t lie.

One of the coolest downtowns in one of the world’s most famous small towns.
Palmer Square is unique in the fact that it has so much to offer, and with that, so much to promote.

Keeping Palmer Square relevant, cool, accessible and the-place-to-be has been a fun and exciting task. We love going to the ‘Square ourselves to shop, dine, and stroll and of course, to take in first hand the results of our hard work.


Audience Research
Data and Metrics
Audience Targeting
Paid Social Media Marketing
Google Ads
Display Ads
Website Design and Development
APP Design and Development
Search Engine Optimization


Increased In-town Foot Traffic
Elevated Event Attendance
Increased Brand Awareness
Increased Retail Revenue
Increased Hotel Revenue
Proven ROI