Yoga with a message.
The Story

Cutting through the clutter for Jyoti was no easy task. With a saturated Yoga market Ryan James Agency needed to first create a compelling brand, brand voice, then take it all to market to fill the Long Island, NY studio.

Jyoti engaged Ryan James Agency to help name, brand, market and launch the business. Not an agency to back down form a challenge Ryan James Agency work with Jyoti will all guns blazing. Taking the name into an iconic logo mark that can be recognized anywhere, a tone of voice that set content up for consistency, and a graphic look and feel that offers up enlightenment, Jyoti was poised for launch, and success.

How we took Jyoti on the path to enlightenment

Media Planning + Buying
Social Media Marketing (paid and organic)
Search Engine Optimization
Google AdWords
Marketing Material Design and Development
Interactive, CRM Design and Development
Technical Coding and Web Development
Email Design + Coding

There’s not much more that we love than working with an energizing and fired up entrepreneur. Jyoti certainly fit the bill. From the get-go the Jyoti team was lit up with energy and Ryan James Agency was on fire with ideas. This mix of passionate thinking and enthusiasm took the Jyoti brand to the next level, setting them up for a highly successful launch.

Creating a brand for mindfulness

Jyoti is not just a yoga studio, but a place where you can reflect, relax, and grow.

Taking a 2 prong branded approach, but seamlessly mixing the two is a branding challenge. As Ryan James Agency crafted the Jyoti brand, being conscious of the 2 sets of messaging, fitness and mindfulness, was always at the forefront fo the marketing.