Hilo House

A place to elevate. A new Versaclimber and Lagree Megaformer™ fitness studio.
The Story

A new start up with a new idea. Awesome, right up our alley. Ryan James Agency is the force behind the brand that is HiLo House. From naming, branding, messaging, to creative, web development, social media, email and more, HiLo house relies on Ryan James Agency to keep people rising in their newly opened studio.

Hilo House came to Ryan James Agency with an idea. Create the next big thing in fitness – a hybrid studio with Versaclimbers and Megaformers™ under one roof.  Using vast experience in the fitness industry, Ryan James Agency quickly named the business, HiLo house, banged out the brand look and feel, content tone and messaging and swiftly started to build a social following MONTHS before opening. This strategy helped HiLo House open their doors to fan fare from their already engaged audience. Keeping ad spend low and ROI high.

How we take HiLo House to the next level

Web Design and Development
Media Planning + Buying
Videography + Production
Social Media Marketing (paid and organic)
Influencer Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Google AdWords (PPC)
Affiliate Marketing
Blog Promotion
Marketing Material Design and Development
Interactive, CRM Design and Development
Email Design + Coding

Having the chance to work on the next big thing is amazingly exciting. Getting to put our best foot forward for a brand and owner that accepts nothing less has been a blast. We’re proud and excited to be working with HiLo House, swiftly stepping on the toes of the “soul cycle” movement.

A new brand, already at the of the mountain.

Launching the new HiLo House brand and fitness model takes some marketing savvy along with knowing how to educate the consumer. Ryan James Agency hit the mark on awareness mixed with education about the brand.

Educating our core audience became our primary marketing goal, even before the studio opened. Ryan James Agency tacked the challenge of creating a new genre of fitness with HiLo House. Through consistent and persistent branding, social media, and  content sharing, Ryan James Agency successfully launched HiLo House with no question about who or what they are – the next big thing in fitness.