Blue Raccoon Home Furnishings

Marketing modern design with country cozy, vintage charm and a little jazz.
The Story

A one-of-a-kind store in a one-of-a-kind destination, Lambertville, NJ. Knowing the nuances and likes of a rabid fan base for Blue Raccoon is key to sales and success. Having worked with Blue Raccoon over 10 years, and being customers ourselves, Ryan James Agency brings the store to life across all digital platforms.

Competing with, and beating the big box designers, Blue Raccoon has a perfect niché in the high end home decor market. Finding and reaching these demanding demographic sets are part of what makes our work for Blue Raccoon click. An all brick+mortar business model, we rely on geo-targeted ads, relevant and timely messaging and  slick and engaging creative to bring customers to the store.

How we bring the foot traffic in to Blue Raccoon

Media Planning + Buying
Social Media Marketing (paid and organic)
Search Engine Optimization
Google AdWords
Marketing Material Design and Development
Interactive, CRM Design and Development
Technical Coding and Web Development
Email Design + Coding

Handling all creative, marketing, direct email marketing, social advertising, google adwords, web design, development and creative strategies for Blue Raccoon, we rake a keen sense of pride in their success. We love them as a client and love them even more as people.

A store with a soul.

Blue Raccoon has weathered many storms, with the help and guidance of Ryan James Agency.

Keeping the needle moving up for Blue Raccoon has been no easy task. We’re constantly updating creative, audience targeting, updating social feeds and more to keep the unique store top of mind. 10 years of immersive experience with Blue Raccoon guides our decisions, marketing and strategy, today.